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Milad Faheem

Email :  miladfaheem331@gmail.com   

Website :   Nothing    

Country :  Afghanistan    

Rating :  Very Good   

Message : I really Like the Poetry of All Poets Its really is incredible and especially i am very thankful from this site Its really Perfect

Signed On :  14 Oct 2016   

Abdul Raqib

Email :  babdul.raqib@gmail.com   

Website :   None    

Country :  Afghanistan   

Rating :  Excellent   

Message : Dear all technicians and the admin. Thanks for putting a great effort in collecting such valuable materials of our dear Pakhto language. Your work is really appreciated by all my friends and on behalf of them i want to thank you greatly. Please keep continue improving the website and add additional materials. Regards, Raqib

Signed On :  29 Jul 2015   

Tahir jamal khalil

Email :  tahirgulaaata@gmail.com   

Website :   pukhto.net    

Country :  pakistan   

Rating :  Very Good   

Message : Zma qdrmano menawalo pukhto.net yo dase website dy che pa de ke mong ta ghzlo sandro ao tsngtakor na elawa adbi nazmona shayeri oa nor der sa melavege

Signed On :  24 Feb 2015   


Email :  salarzai9000@gmail.com   

Website :   None    

Country :  Pakistan   

Rating :  Excellent   

Message : i am really appreciate your efforts for promoting the Pukhto Language.

Signed On :  28 Jan 2015   

almas khan yousafzai

Email :  yousafzai1977@gmail.com   

Website :   None    

Country :  Khyber pakhtoon khwa Pakistan   

Rating :  Excellent   

Message : za ho deer hoshala shoom ao stao de hasse der da zra dakomi salamoona koom Allah mo abad ao baryali lara

Signed On :  14 Dec 2014   

sheraz ghani

Email :  sherazghani925@gmail.com   

Website :   www.pukhto.net    

Country :  pakistan   

Rating :  Excellent   

Message : The best website for pukhto songs i ever seen thanks to pukhto.net teem

Signed On :  14 Nov 2014