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Akhtar muner

Email :  akhtarcomposing@gmail.com   

Website :   None    

Country :  Pakistan   

Rating :  Excellent   

Message : Rorjana allah de abad aw khoshala sata che te da khpale pakhto da para domra mehnat aw koshesh kawe aw domra khware kawe allah de tala nor hum taufeeq darkre.

Signed On :  23 Jul 2013   

Zahir Badshah Yousafzai

Email :  khan922@hotmail.com   

Website :   None    

Country :     

Rating :  Excellent   

Message : Mashallah, dher kha. Allah de nor hum dwey ta taufeeq warkree che nor hum da website zabardast au khkoley jor shi. Tolo pukhtano ronro khwendo ta da meeney dak salamoona. Charta che ye no khoshala osai. Allah mo ma badranga wai. Ameen.

Signed On :  16 Jul 2013   


Email :  maqzam77@gmail.com   

Website :   None    

Country :  Pakistan   

Rating :  Excellent   

Message : awal tolo Pukhtano ta da meenay dak salamona...za ba domara qadray owaym che ALLAH de doi tolo ta pa domra kha kaar kawalo ajar warki ao ALLAH de nor tawan ao taqat warki che da Pukhtoon qoum khidmat oki..Ameen

Signed On :  25 Jun 2013   

Asmat Ullah Durrani

Email :  akd_srk@yahoo.com   

Website :   www.facebook.com/Durrani7233    

Country :  Pakistan   

Rating :  Excellent   

Message : MA SHAA ALLAH der sha Zargya Love you Pashtoon

Signed On :  06 Mar 2013   

zahir shah

Email :  shahzahir89@yahoo.com   

Website :   None    

Country :  United Kingdom   

Rating :  Excellent   

Message : In the dark nights, underneath the sky of my Pashto, being waited so long, for the Stars to appear, and pick them up one by one, my friends Mr Khayaam's one of them Stars. Now the lap of Pashto's full of diamonds, and it gets extended everyday. My friend i am so much proud of you. May we all be able to do a little contribution towards our language.

Signed On :  06 Feb 2013   

Sitara Sha

Email :  hamidanicegirl@yahoo.com   

Website :   pukhto.net    

Country :  usa   

Rating :  Excellent   

Message : first time to see Pashto E Books online.Thanks to those who created the idea.can't wait to download my lovely Rahman Baba and Khashal's Peotry to my Barned and Noble Digital Device.hope fully it works for my kindle.I will love to have the Pashto translated Quran also.you guys are my #1. keep up the great job.Love from Kandahar

Signed On :  02 Feb 2013