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Internet Softwares

EndTask Free 1.2.19

EndTask Free is the next generation of pop-up blockers. Its unique design allows the user to easily hide or show a pop-up depending on whether its one they want. When a pop-up is triggered, our software automatically hides it. A sound plays and a small notification window appears that gives information about the pop-up.

Size : 1.17 MB || Downloads : 1061 Times

Cactus Spam Filter 2.13

Cactus Spam Filter is a free easy-to-use spam blocker. It protects your inbox by learning to detect spam as its being used. After a short while it has adapted to your personal mailbox and blocks out most of the junk e-mail. Since the filter becomes personal, spammers will not be able to fool it. It has been successfully tested with Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, Netscape, Opera, Mozilla, Eudora, IncrediMail, Foxmail and Phoenix Mail.

Size : 0.00 MB || Downloads : 407 Times

CCleaner Slim (No Toolbar) 3.27.1900

CCleaner is the number-one tool for cleaning your Windows PC. It protects your privacy online and makes your computer faster and more secure. Easy to use and a small, fast download.

Size : 0.00 MB || Downloads : 380 Times

Spamdel 3.5.1

Advantages of Spamdel over other mail utilities include its many features, ease of use, and inter-operability with any email program eg Outlook Express, Outlook, TheBat! and so on. Unlike most other email utilities, Spamdel does all its work on the server which means a tremendous increase in safety against virus attacks and spam.

Size : 1.02 MB || Downloads : 466 Times